Digital Glucose Meter


This equipment is indicated to check blood sugar levels at a certain time of the day, by analyzing a small drop of blood that is removed from the fingertip. The unit records 500 readings and allows sending to the mobile phone via wireless connection, which you can share with your doctor.
This equipment is CE Medic and FDA certified

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Dimensions: 90mm (L) × 54mm (W) × 13mm (H)
Reading method: Amperometric Glucose Sensor
Reading scale: 20 mg / dL ~ 600 mg / dL (1.1 mmol / L ~ 33.3 mmol / L)
Unit of measurement: Both mg / dL and mmol / L *
Internal memory: 500 blood tests
Blood Reading: Capillary 15.
Blood Volume: Minimum 0.7 micro liter.


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